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If you have been injured here in AZ as the result of Psychiatric Malpractice, including: Psychiatric Negligence, Psychiatrist Errors, Psychiatric Misdiagnosis, or any other kind of Psychiatric Malpractice, this page will help you find current information on how to choose the Best Arizona Psychiatric Malpractice Lawyer for you, and your family.

We hope you, or any of those you care about, are never seriously injured as the result of Psychiatrist Malpractice here in Arizona. Psychiatrist Errors and Malpractice can result in serious physical and mental injuries from misdiagnosis, prescribing dangerous psychiatric drugs, failure to diagnose serious diseases such as brain cancer, and failure to treat a serious psychiatric illness.

The most serious Arizona Psychiatric Malpractice Injury Claims that result in AZ Personal Injury Lawsuits are:

  • Suicide from Psychiatric Malpractice. Too many Arizonans take their own lives each year as the result of negligent psychiatric treatment or Psychiatric Malpractice.
  • Wrongful Death from Psychiatric Negligence. Many wrongful deaths occur each year from misdiagnosis and other medical mistakes under the care of a negligent Arizona psychiatrist.
  • Psychiatric Misdiagnosis resulting in serious injuries and sometimes death from receiving the wrong medication, wrong treatment, or no treatment at all.
  • Psychiatrist Malpractice from Failure to Diagnosis Brain Cancer. Brain Tumors and Brain Cancer can cause symptoms that a psychiatrist can negligently mistake for 'psychological problems.'
  • Psychiatric Malpractice from Psychiatric Hospital Treatment Mistakes and Nursing Errors, such as: medication mistakes, injury from defective or malfunctioning hospital equipment, slipping and falling in the hospital, and nurses or hospital technicians not following the doctors orders.
  • Psychiatric Malpractice from Psychiatric Testing Mistakes restulting in mis-diagnosis, expensive unnecessary treatments, and failure to treat life-threatening conditions such as a brain tumor or brain cancer.
  • Psychiatric Malpractice from Prescription Errors can result in serious injury, other medical problems and even death. These errors occur when the psychiatrist writes the wrong prescription for the patient, or the pharmacy fills a prescription with the wrong medication. In either instance, a Prescription Mistake can cause long-term serious injuries and wrongful death.

If you believe you, or a family member have been injured here in Arizona as the result of Psychiatric Malpractice, Psychiatrist Negligence, or Psychiatrist Errors of any kind, you should seek qualified medical attention, as soon as possible

Often when Psychiatrist Malpractice happens here in AZ, the insurance company of the doctor or hospital that caused the injury will immediately contact you, the injured person. They might say all the right things to make you feel you can trust them, and that they are only trying to help.

They might want to take a recorded statement from you about your injury, or ask you to fill out an online form about any psychiatric condition, or ask if they can contact any other doctors who have treated you.

These are usually attempts to pin you down on your injuries and damages, often before you even know how badly you are hurt.

Remember, ANY person from an insurance company works for them. Their job is to minimize the claim and pay you as little as possible. They are trained professionals who are probably well aware of Arizona medical malpractice and injury laws, and are not representing your interests.

If you have been seriously injured by any kind of psychiatric malpractice or psychiatrist mistake, including a prescription error, you should have a professional on your side to protect your rights, and who is watching out for and protecting YOU.

What is a "Serious Injury" from Psychiatric Malpractice in Arizona? When someone's careless or intentional act (or lack of action) causes a medical error, treatment, or accident that injures you or a family member resulting in physical injury, pain, medical bills, lost income and other expenses, or any other hardship.

How to choose the best Arizona Injury Lawyer if you have been a victim of Psychiatric Malpractice:

The Best Arizona Psychiatric Malpractice Lawyer for you should be successful and experienced in MANY facets of AZ personal injury law, but MOST IMPORTANTLY medical malpractice injury law.

The Best Arizona Psychiatrist Negligence Injury Lawyer for you should be an experienced AZ injury trial attorney with a proven record of victories in many medical malpractice injury trials in courtrooms all across Arizona.

The Best Arizona Psychiatric Malpractice Lawyer for you should have YEARS of experience dealing with insurance adjusters right here in Arizona, and should practice all the legal tradecraft of the best AZ medical malpractice injury attorneys -- gathering and preserving the evidence that will prove your claim, and protecting you from making common mistakes that could weaken your medical injury claim.

The Best Arizona Psychiatrist Malpractice Injury Lawyer for you should tell you the truth about your AZ Psychiatric Malpractice Claim, and should guide and advise you in a way that gives you confidence every step of the way.

Best Arizona Psychiatric Malpractice Lawyer Update for Saturday October 16, 2021:

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Arizona's Statute of Limitations on Psychiatrist Malpractice Injury Claims: Most people don't know that here in Arizona, there is a law limiting the amount of time you have to file an Arizona Psychiatric Malpractice Lawsuit.

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