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If you, or a family member have suffered a serious injury here in Arizona as the result of a Defective Surgical Implant of any kind, this page will help you find current information on how to choose the Best Arizona Defective Surgical Implant Injury Lawyer for you, and your family.

A Defective Surgical Implant can be any surgical implant that causes injury of any kind. A surgical implant does not have to be 'recalled' to be defective.

We hope you, or any of those you care about, never suffer a serious injury of any kind as the result of a Defective Surgical Implant here in Arizona. One of the most dangerous injuries from any Defective Surgical Implant is the need for additional surgery to fix, remove or replace the defective device.

Recovery from Defective Surgical Implant injuries can require YEARS of expensive and painful medical treatments, including: additional surgery, transfusions, and organ replacement, and result in a life of constant pain and depression.

The most serious Arizona Defective Surgical Implant Injury Claims that result in AZ Personal Injury Lawsuits are:

  • Wrongful Death caused by a Defective Surgical Implant. Each year defective surgical implants cause the wrongful death of far too many Arizonans. Defective pacemakers, defibrillators, heart valves, and stents are just a few examples.
  • Heart Attacks and Strokes caused by Defective Surgical Implants. Obviously, implants such as pacemakers and defibrillators must be reliable, but other surgical implants, including those that deliver vital medications, or catch blood clots, or that can leak or cause infection, even birth control pills can all cause a serious or deadly Heart Attack or Stroke.
  • Defective Surgical Implants that cause Organ Damage. Because surgical implants can interact with many of the body's vital systems and organs, they can sometimes cause irreversible damage when they malfuntion or stop working.
  • Defective Surgical Implants that cause Serious Infections and Sepsis. Even very small implanted surgical objects, such as screws and pins, can cause serious infections, including Sepsis (blood poisoning) if the implants were not perfectly sterile, contained foreign materials, or the implant surgery was not performed properly.
  • Serious Injuries from Defective Hip Replacenements, Defective Knee Replacements, and other Defective Joint Replacements. This defective inplants can cause instability and dangerous falls, serious infections, incredible pain, and the need for dangerous additional surgeries.
  • Serious Injuries from Defective Breast Implants, and other Defective Cosmetic Implants. Leaking cosmetic implants can cause serious internal injuries including infection and tissue damage, excruciating pain, and the need for additional, dangerous surgeries.
  • Serious Injuries from Defective IUDs & Birth Control Devices. Defective IUDs can cause incredible pain, and serious pelvic infections that can lead to permanent scarring and infertility.
  • Defective Surgical Mesh Injuries. Many women have been seriously injured by defective surgical mesh used in surgery to strengthen tissues weakend from injury or pregnancy.
  • Injuries from Defective Dental Implants. Defective Dental Implants can fail to bond with jaw bone tissue, crack, and cause excruciating pain, and result in the need for additional dental surgery.
  • Defective Medical Devices that cause serious Injuries. Click Here for complete information on Defective Medical Devices.

You should consider any Defective Surgical Implant injury as SERIOUS.

That's why if you or someone you care about have suffered any kind of Defective Surgical Implant Injury here in Arizona, you should seek professional medical attention, as soon as you can.

Often when a serious Defective Surgical Implant injury happens here in AZ, the insurance company of the doctor, hospital, or company (or companies) who manufactured, distributed, or sold the Defective Surgical Implant will immediately contact you, the injured person. They might say all the right things to make you feel you can trust them, and that they are only trying to help.

They might want to take a recorded statement from you about your Defective Surgical Implant injury, or ask you to fill out an online form about any accident (such as a serious fall or traffic accident) that occured because of the Defective Surgical Implant, or ask if they can contact any doctors who have treated you.

These are usually attempts to pin you down on your injuries and damages, often before you even know how badly you are hurt.

Remember, ANY person from an insurance company works for them. Their job is to minimize the claim and pay you as little as possible. They are trained professionals who are probably well aware of Arizona Medical Malpractice Laws, AZ Defective Products Laws, and other AZ personal injury laws, and are not representing your interests.

If you have suffered a serious Defective Surgical Implant injury, or been involved in any kind of accident that was caused by a Defective Surgical Implant, you should have a professional on your side to protect your rights, and who is watching out for and protecting YOU.

What is a "Serious Defective Surgical Implant Injury" here in Arizona? When a Defective Surgical Implant injures you, or causes an accident that injures you or a family member resulting in physical injury, pain, medical bills, lost income and other expenses, or any other hardship.

How to choose the best Arizona Defective Surgical Implant Injury Lawyer for You

The Best Arizona Defective Surgical Implant Injury Lawyer for you should be successful and experienced in MANY facets of AZ accident injury law, including Medical Malpractice and Defective Medical Products injury laws.

The Best Arizona Defective Surgical Implant Injury Lawyer for you should be an experienced AZ injury trial attorney with a proven record of victories in serious Defective Product, Medical Malpractive and other personal injury trials in courtrooms across Arizona.

The Best Arizona Defective Surgical Implant Injury Lawyer for you should have YEARS of experience dealing with insurance adjusters right here in Arizona, and should practice all the legal tradecraft of the best AZ accident injury attorneys -- gathering and preserving the evidence that will prove your claim, and protecting you from making common mistakes that could weaken your injury claim.

The Best Arizona Defective Surgical Implant Injury Lawyer for you should tell you the truth about your AZ Defective Surgical Implant injury claim, and should guide and advise you in a way that gives you confidence every step of the way.

Best Arizona Defective Surgical Implant Injury Lawyer Update for Saturday October 16, 2021:

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Arizona's Statute of Limitations on Defective Surgical Implant Accident Injury Claims: Most people don't know that here in Arizona, there is a law limiting the amount of time you have to file an Arizona Defective Surgical Implant Injury Lawsuit.

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